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residential-reatmentOur 21-day residential treatment program provides you with evaluation and stabilization as well as a unique treatment plan that will begin to address your substance abuse disorder.

In the residential program, you’ll be offered:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Self-care education
  • 12 step program meetings
  • The chance to listen to inspirational speakers
  • Personal growth assessment
  • Ability to work in gender groups
  • The chance to work in exercise groups
  • Three healthy meals and three snacks daily
  • Alumni support and activities

With our close proximity to the hospital at EvergreenHealth Monroe, we are able to offer you additional services if approved by the medical director. These include physical therapy, imaging, lab testing, dietician consultation, medical and emergency care.

If you have complex medical conditions, you may be asked to obtain medical clearance from your own provider prior to admission to residential treatment. This is to ensure that you are medically stable and on the proper medications throughout your residential treatment. If you do not have a care provider, we can recommend one for your medical clearance. A higher level of care, such as our Rehabilitation Program, may be more appropriate if your medical conditions need continued monitoring.

The 24-hour nursing care and the medical support from EvergreenHealth Monroe allow us to be able to accommodate a higher level of medical care than most treatment programs. However, if a medical problem outside of your substance use disorder arises during your treatment, you will be scheduled with either your own provider or at EvergreenHealth’s nearby primary care clinic. Medical emergencies will be treated at EvergreenHealth Monroe’s emergency room.

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