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pregnant woman holds sonogramAre you pregnant and have a substance use disorder? The Recovery Center provides critical services so you can receive treatment and live a happy, healthy life.

Our staff consists of a caring team of experienced and qualified nurses, counselors and support staff that is here to serve you.

The program's goals include:

  • Assessing for detoxification needs and medical stabilization.
  • Reducing the potential harm to you and your fetus by providing access to chemical dependency rehabilitation and obstetrical care.
  • Guiding you in your growing awareness process of the specific ways in which your life has become unmanageable as a result of your substance use.
  • Providing education and training to prepare you to parent your newborn.
  • Guiding your and your family in the development of the essential lifestyles that can support your ongoing recovery without interrupting your preexisting commitment / responsibilities.
  • Providing a supportive attitude and behavioral changes necessary for identifying substance abuse and receptiveness to treatment.
  • Introducing you and your family to the self-help group philosophies of AA, NA, CA, Al-Anon / Al-Ateen, OA, etc.

Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Medical Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Suboxone Treatment
  • Naltrexone Treatment
  • Family Program
  • Addiction Medicine Consultation (at EvergreenHealth Monroe)
  • Medication-friendly Mutual Self-help Meeting

The program is 26 days in length.

CUP Services (Chemically Using Pregnant) are paid for by Medicaid.


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