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acute-medical-detoxAll patients admitted to our medical detoxification unit undergo an admission medical evaluation including basic lab tests. If your case is medically complex, we may have our hospital-based internal medicine doctors see you as well.

We provide medication to transition you from addictive substances to abstinence as safely and comfortably as possible. Once through acute withdrawal, we will often prescribe additional medication to take in early sobriety to minimize symptoms from post-acute withdrawal.

Our detoxification protocols are based on the best available science coupled with our years of experience in helping individuals safely transition from actively using habituating substances into abstinence.

Our care includes:

  • Medical care provided by board certified providers
  • Care overseen by an American Board of Addiction Medicine certified physician
  • Experienced, compassionate 24-hour nursing staff
  • Suboxone and Nalrexone care pathways for those seeking medication assisted abstinence
  • Maximization of non-opioid pain management

Once through the majority of symptoms, you will be ready to transition to inpatient or outpatient programs.


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