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Here are the things we're doing to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe:

Symptom Screening

  • Patients are screened over the phone before making an appointment, upon arrival to the facility, and then multiple times a day thereafter.
  • Staff are screened multiple times during their shift.
  • Any other people, such as 12-step speakers and vendors, will be screened prior to admittance to the facility. In general, anyone who is going to step foot in our building will be screened for symptoms, possible exposure, and have their temp taken, prior to coming in..

We are not currently doing COVID testing on all admissions. We are using our screening processes to determine if/when testing is appropriate. If a patient (or staff member) screens positive for symptoms, our medical staff coordinate with our Emergency Department (and COVID testing tent) to determine the appropriate course (where/when to test, etc). But patients are not required to get tested in order to admit to our program.


  • At this time, we are not allowing visitors into the building.  We will be evaluating this frequently, and will begin allowing visitation as soon as the hospital feels it is safe to do so.
  • Until visitors (family, friends, etc) are once again permitted to come, we will be making an effort to accommodate increased phone time;. We are planning to give patients access to their cell phones once or twice per week, so they can have calls and/or video meetings (FaceTime, Zoom, etc) with their families/friends.

Universal Masking

  • Masks will be distributed to patients upon arrival to the facility. Patients will be provided with two cloth masks at the time of their admission; we will launder their masks daily and they will be used by the patients throughout their stay. Patients will keep the masks when they discharge.
  • Mask hygiene education will be provided to all staff and patients.
  • Cloth masks are utilized to preserve PPE and ensure a reliable and comfortable mask supply.
  • Masks are required to be worn by all patients, staff and visitors in all shared spaces in conjunction with social distancing.
  • Patients and staff are required to wear masks whenever they are in the common areas on the unit, and whenever physical distancing is not possible. The dining area is big enough, where we can maintain appropriate physical distancing during meals, so masks can be removed while patients are eating.

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing will be maintained wherever feasible.
  • The large dining room, living room, recreation area and education room all can accommodate social distancing.
  • Bedrooms are limited to single occupancy; we will be accepting fewer patient to maintain single bedrooms.

Hand Hygiene

  • Hand washing areas and sanitizing stations (with the foaming hand-sanitizer)will be maintained all over the building.


  • High-touch areas are cleaned around the clock.
  • COVID specific cleaning supply stations are set up around the building to support timely spot cleaning.


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